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Computer GK Multiple Choice Questions 2018
Computer General Knowledge Questions 2018 Hindi
Computer GK MCQ 2018 Hindi: This page is dedicated to give all new alerts on Computer GK Questions 2018 Online. All applicants can prepare well for competitive exams as computer related GK questions are asked.

Details of Computer GK Questions 2018:
Question No. 1) Who is known as Father of Internet?
Answer : Vint Cerf. Widely known as a “Father of the Internet,” Cerf is the co-designer of the TCP/IP protocols and the architecture of the Internet.
DAILY CURRENT AFFAIRS: APRIL 2018 Check GK Updates 2018 Online
(Daily News India)
Important Takeaways from above GK Update for Exams are as follows-

India, World’s 6th largest economy at $2.6 Trillion: IMF
The Top 5 economies of the world are:
1. The United States,
2. China,
3. Japan,
4. Germany and,
5. The United Kingdom

India forms committee to reform higher defence planning

Former US 1st Lady Barbara Bush passes away

Steven Spielberg becomes 1st director to gross $10b at global BO

Armenia’s Parliament voted to appoint former President Serge Sargisyan as PM

K-Pop Group BTS won TIME 100 Reader Poll

India’s GDP to grow 7.3% this Fiscal, 7.6% in Next: ADB

UAE approves law on equal wages for men, women

India’s Kidambi Srikanth becomes World no. 1 Badminton player

Rakesh Bharti Mittal new CII President

Bangladesh ends Reservation in Government Jobs

Index of Economic Freedom 2018: India ranks 130th

ISRO Launches Navigation Satellite IRNSS-1L
___________________March 2018 ____________________Slovak PM Robert Fico resigns

17th World Conference on Tobacco held in South Africa

India ranks 78th on WEF Energy Transition Index

India’s exports in February up 4.5% to $25.8 Billion

Slovenian PM Cerar resigns

Indian football team re-enters in top-100

Yes Bank launches a digitised trade finance solution
India ranks 133rd in 2018 global happiness index

Indian film ‘Halkaa’ bags award at Montreal fest

15 March: World Consumer Rights Day

Nepal’s Chief Justice removed

Jackie Shroff’s ‘Shunyata’ wins international award

Ravichandran Ashwin gains two places in ICC Test rankings

BJP won Tripura for 1st time

Odisha Govt launches ‘Ama Gaon, Ama Vikas’ Programme

India beat Pakistan to win Snooker Team World Cup

Shatrughan Sinha wins lifetime achievement award in UK

Indian wrestlers win 8 medals at Asian Wrestling Championships

World Fisheries Day is celebrated as November 21 across the world

  • 2017 ICC Women's World Cup will be hosted by England
  • 2013 ICC Women's World Cup  won by Australia
  • In 2010 and 2012, Jhulan Goswami was conferred with Arjuna Award and Padam Shri respectively.
  • Moon Jae-In has replaced Park Geun-Hye
  • Capital of South Koria is Seoul and its Currency is Won (KRW)
  • The Supreme Court of India is the highest judicial forum and final court of appeal
  • The Supreme Court of India came into existence on 26th January, 1950
  • The First Chief Justice of Supreme Court was Harilal Jekisundas Kania.
  • Union Home Minister of India is Rajnath Singh
  • Rajnath Singh announced a new strategy against the Maoists—SAMADHAN.
  • DIPAM is headed by Finance Minister of India Shri Arun Jaitley
  • From 27th May, 2004, the Department of Disinvestment is one of the Departments under the Ministry of Finance
  • The Department of Disinvestment was set up as a separate Department on 10th December, 1999 and was later renamed as Ministry of Disinvestment from 6th September, 2001
  • The Department of Disinvestment has been renamed as Department of Investment and Public Asset Management (DIPAM) from 14th April, 2016.
  • The GST is governed by GST Council and its Chairman is Union Finance Minister of India Arun Jaitley.
  • GST is a destination-based tax on consumption of goods and services
  • It is amalgamating a large number of Central and State taxes into a single tax
  • Oracle headquarter is in the United States of America.
  • World Migratory Bird Day is observed on 10th May
  • The theme of WMBD 2017 is “Their Future is Our Future – A Healthy Planet for Migratory Birds and People”
  • Yes Bank CEO and MD is Rana Kapoor 
  • Headquarter of Yes Bank in Mumbai
  • The tagline of Yes Bank is 'Experience our Expertise'.
i. Indian boxers won four medals at the 7th Asian Youth Championships held in Kazakhstan.
ii. India finished at third with three silver and a bronze medal in the tournament.
iii.The Indian boxers won silver medals are National champion Ankush Dahiya  in 60kg, Ashish Kulhirya in 64kg and Reyal Puri  in 81kg category.
iv.bronze medal is won by  Manjeet Singh in 91kg category.
v.Kazakhstan topped the medal tally with 6 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze medals followed by Uzbekistan
i. The single emergency number ‘112’ will be operational throughout India from January 1, 2017.
ii.It will provede to help people reach immediate services of police, ambulance and fire department.
iii.The single emergency number will be similar to the ‘911’ all-in-one emergency service in the United States and 999 of United Kingdom .
i. The Union Government has released a commemorative coin of Rs 100 and a circulation coin of Rs 10 on the 475th Birth Anniversary celebrations of Maharana Pratap.
ii.The coin was released by Union Tourism Minister Dr Mahesh Sharma in New Delhi.
iii. Maharana Pratap, the ruler of Mewar is regarded as one of the greatest warriors in Indian history.
i. The Government of India has started the process for issuance by Unique Business Identification Number drive.
ii. It will help enable budding entrepreneurs to set up their business without any delays .
iii.This portal will be automatically linked to Ministry Of Corporate Affairs  portal after it is issued to the intended beneficiary.
iv.It is a major step towards ease of doing business and the start-up India initiative of the government
i. India is ranked ninth in 2015 Crony-Capitalism Index with crony sector wealth accounting for 3.4 per cent of the gross domestic product
ii. The index was based on new study by The Economist which had used data from a list of the world’s billionaires and their worth published by Forbes.
iii. In 2014 India was also at ninth place.
iv. Top place is grabbed by Russia followed by Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore.
v.Germany was ranked lowest and was found out to cleanest country, where just few of the country’s billionaires derive their wealth from crony sectors.
i. Karnataka Government has decided to establish  Asia’s first Rice Technology Park at Gangavati in Koppal district.
ii.The state government has also  decided to set up a Maize Technology Park at Ranebennur in Haveri district.
iii. It will help growers to add value to their produce and get better returns and also enhance quality of the produce.
i. Two Indian women wrestlers Vinesh Phogat and Sakshi Malik have qualified for 2016 Rio Olympics.
ii. Vinesh grabbed her place for the Olympic berth after defeating Avin Demirhan of Turkey in the 48 kg category.
iii. Sakshi Malik also entered the final in the 58 kg category and qualified for Rio Olympics.
c.Madhya pardesh  
d.Uttar paredesh
a.Jatendra singh  
b.Akhilesh yadav 
c. Siddaramaiah
d.Oommen Chandy
a. Mahesh Sharma 
b.Suresh prabhu  
c.Niti gadkari  
d.Radha mohan singh
a.January 1, 2017 
b.January 1, 2018  
c.1st April 2017 
d.1st march, 2018
c. Uzbekistan
    1.b                 2.c     3.a       4.a       5.a       6.b

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Shortcut methods of Finding LCM and HCF

LCM, HCF Shortcut Tricks: Fast Methods of HCF, LCM as Lowest common multiple stands for LCM and Highest Common Factor stands for HCF are the most used methods of Mathematics and also the most important as they are used in finding the solution of many other question’s solution. A common question comes in mind HCF/ LCM problem solve in shortcut way as this portal is dedicated to give all latest shortcut methods of finding LCM and HCF, you can easily solve LCM and HCF of two or more numbers in your mind in seconds. The student can score in this exams if he/ she prepares well for LCM, HCF questions. The more information of shortcut methods or formulas of finding the LCM and HCF of numbers is given below...............................
Details of LCM, HCF Short Cut Tricks:
First let us discuss shortcut formula of finding the LCM of numbers.
>> It is most common question how to find lcm/ hcf in shorter way?
When you practice this method, you can easily solve LCM of numbers in seconds in your mind. The below give method can easily be used to solve LCM of numbers in seconds without the use of paper work.
Here is an example for the same. Suppose you are given a question:
Find the LCM of 12, 18?
Now here is the shortcut formula for solution of LCM of two numbers or more numbers given above.
Find the LCM of 2, 3, 5?
Shortcut formula: pick 5 since it is highest number among the three. Now check it whether it can be divided by 2 and 3. 5 cannot be divided by 2 and 3. Now think of 5x2= 10 (since you know the table of 5). Check whether it can be divided by 2 and 3. It again cannot be divided. Now think of 15 then 20 then 25 then 30. Now 30 is that number which can be divided by 2 and 3.
So the LCM of 2, 3, 5 is 30.
Lowest Common Multiple (LCM):  The least or smallest common multiple of any two or more given natural numbers are termed as LCM. For example, LCM of 10, 15, and 20 is 60.
Highest Common Factor (HCF): The largest or greatest factor common to any two or more given natural numbers is termed as HCF of given numbers. Also known as GCD (Greatest Common Divisor)..........
For example, HCF of 4, 6 and 8 is 2.
4 = 2 × 2
6 =3 × 2
8 = 4 × 2
Here, highest common factor of 4, 6 and 8 is 2Shortcut method of finding HCF (Highest common factor)
Fast Trick solving input-output questions with solutions and example
Trick To Solve Input-Output Questions Faster
Fast Tricks to Solve Input-Output Questions: Today Input/ Output Questions Solutions as in this portal you will get fast solutions how to solve about input-output problems, we discuss about arranging the given numbers according to ascending or descending order. A common question comes in mind how to solve input/ output problems in a shortcut manner and student can score marks for these exams if he/ she prepares well. Further more needed information of Input Output Question Solutions regarding fast answer, quick methods and how to apply etc is given here.............................
Machine input or Input Output is a question type, where the candidate is given some kind of word and number arrangement. With each subsequent operation, the arrangement of the words and numbers changes. These operations are performed until a final arrangement is reached or is performed in loop. The student is required to identify the hidden pattern in the rearrangement and apply it to the questions.................
Details of Input Output Question Answers:
1. Shifting In this type of problems, we usually shift the given words (or numbers) of the given input as per fixed pattern. Generally letters and numbers are placed in ascending or descending order, one at each step. The following example shows how this is done..................
For example
Input: Ram person is a great
Step 1: a Ram person is  great
Step 2: a great Ram person is
Step 3: a great is Ram person
Step 4:  a great is person Ram
Step 4 is the last step.

Input: hike 36 29 rate interest 43 fixed 46
Step I: 46 hike 36 29 rate interest 43 fixed
Step II: fixed 46 hike 36 29 rate interest 43
Step III: 43 fixed 46 hike 36 29 rate interest
Step IV: hike 43 fixed 46 36 29 rate interest
Step V: 36 hike 43 fixed 46 29 rate interest
Step VI: interest 36 hike 43 fixed 46 29 rate
Step VII: 29 interest 36 hike 43 fixed 46 rate
Step VIII: rate 29 interest 36 hike 43 fixed 46

Here first you have observe how Last step is i.e STEP VIII.
English Speaking Course In Chandigarh Best Institutes
English Speaking Course In Chandigarh Check Best Institutes for English Speak Coaching Centers in Chandigarh 2018
English Speaking Course in Chandigarh 2018 Centres: Download English Speaking Course In Chandigarh 2018 Online Centres List of Best Inst. for 2018 English Speak Course Coaching at Chandigarh as this page is dedicated to give names of best English Speaking institutes/ coaching centers at city beautiful Chandigarh. The candidates can do own ground work before join any institute.  Further more detailed needed information of English Speaking Course in Chandigarh regarding name, address, mobile no., e-mail ids and how to check is given here.................
Details of PTE Coaching in Chandigarh Institutes:
  • Blue Sapphire

blue-sapphire-chandigarhBased in Sector 34 of Chandigarh, Blue Sapphire offers one of the best course in Chandigarh at an affordable price.
Location: SCO 58-59, Ground Floor, Sector 34-A, Chandigarh.
Contact No: +91-9517520990, +91-9115090909, +91-7307606123..........
  • LinguaSoft

linguasoft-chandigarhLinguaSoft has positioned itself as one of the prime institute providing English speaking courses in Chandigarh. They provide online courses.
Contact No: Landline : 01724950200.
Toll Free: 1800 102 6395.
  • Touchstone Chandigarh

touchstone-ielts-chandigarhLocation: Touchstone has 2 different centers in Chandigarh. English speaking course is available at both these centers.
Center 1 = SCO 88-89, Level 4, Sector 17-C, Chandigarh.
Center 2 = SCO 60-61, Level 3, Sector 17-A, Chandigarh.
Contact No. = 0172-5000060.
  • British Counsel

british-counsel-ielts-chandigarhBritish Counsel institute has made a remarkable name for itself among all institutes providing Spoken English courses in Chandigarh.
Location: British Counsel offers English speaking course at both its locations in Chandigarh.
1st Center = SCO 421-422, Level 1, Sector 35-C, Chandigarh.
2nd Center = SCO 68-69-70, Level 3, Sector 17-C, Chandigarh.
Contact Number: 0172-507749.
  • Grey Matters

grey-matters-ielts-chandigarhGrey Matters is one of the oldest English training institute in Chandigarh that is based in Sector 17.
Location: Grey Matters again has 2 centers where they take spoken English classes in Chandigarh.
Center 1 = SCO 37-38, Sector 17-C, Chandigarh.
Center 2 = SCO 63-64, Sector 17-C, Chandigarh.
Contact No: 0172-5083006, 5083014, 5083001.

New Cambridge College

New Cambridge College photoS.C.O 80-81-82, Sector-17 D, Chandigarh, India- 160017
New Cambridge College, One of the Leading Coaching Centers in Chandigarh Offers the best Spoken English Classes, English Speaking Classes also for GRE Coaching, GMAT Coaching, Sat Coaching, TOEFL Coaching, IELTS Coaching, PTE Coaching, Bank Po Coaching, Bank Clerk Coaching, SSC Coaching,Etc..................

Manya The Princeton Review  (Since 2002)

    • Sector 34, Chandigarh
  • 8054855991
  • IELTS | TOEFL | SAT | English Speaking Course | Communication Skills | Presentation Skills | Personality Development | Leadership Skills | Personal Interview
Allegations and Mixtures Tricks Basics Problems with Solutions
Allegations and Mixtures Shortcut Tricks Basics Check Solutions for Allegation & Mixture Problems
Allegations, Mixtures Basic Problem Solution Tricks: Get here Allegation/ Mixtures Question Fast Solutions as the Allegations and Mixtures types of questions are asked in most of the competitive exams and other exams. In allegations and mixtures types of questions, you are given a mixture of two or more substances or liquids and you have to do their calculations. In this types of problems, there are many shortcut methods you will see in books, but here we will suggest you that method, which you will hardly find in any book. An applicant can score for these marks if he/ she prepares well before exams. More information on Allegations & Mixture Problem Solutions regarding shortcut tricks etc is given here...............................
Details of Allegations and Mixtures Problem Solutions:
Suppose you are given a question like the one given below:
Q: In a 60 liters mixture of milk and water, the quantity of milk is 5 %. In how much quantity, should milk be added to this mixture so that the quantity of milk in the mixture becomes 15 % ?
Now in this question, we have to add the milk to the solution in that quantity so that the quantity of milk in the mixture get to be 15 %.
Here is a shortcut formula for this type of questions. Just follow the rule given below for this type of question and remember the formula.
Rule: In x gram mixture of milk and water, milk is p %. To make the quantity of milk in the mixture to be q %, the quantity of milk added to the mixture will be =x{(q-p)/(100-q)}
Now let us solve the question given above as per this rule:
Here in this question:
X= 60 liters,         p= 5 %,                 q= 15 %
The quantity of milk to be added  to the mixture to make it 15 % in mixture-
                =120/17 liters     answer
Similar opposite question to the above is here. In this question the formula is slightly changed.
Rule 2: in x gram mixture of milk and water, there is p % water. To make the quantity of water to be q % , the quantity of water to be converted into steam will  be
Question based on rule 2:
In 750 gram of mixture of salt and water, there is 30 % water. How much water should be converted to steam so that water in the mixture remains 25 %.
Here in this question,
                X=750 gram,       p= 30 %,               q= 25 %
Now putting the formula given in Rule 2:
                The quantity of water which should be converted to steam will be
                = 750*{(30-25)/(100-25)                grams
                =750*(5/75)       grams
                = 50 grams

So 50 grams of water should be converted to steam to make the mixture having the quantity of water 25 % remaining.
Semalt Expert Assures You Need To Protect A Website From Hack Attempts – Here's How
Semalt Expert Assures You Need To Protect A Website From Hack Attempts – Here's How
There are many forms of malicious attacks over the internet on daily basis. Many people face the works of many hackers in their day to day ventures as well as during their jobs. Hackers spend a significant amount of time trying to figure out different methods which they can use to execute their jobs. Most of these methods include tasks such as DDOS attacks or even cross site scripting. All these attacks have a selfish motive behind as well as a great suffering for the victims.
Commonly, hackers may target your website for many reasons. Usually, they could be stealing user information like credit card information or even the admin panel hacks. In other instances, a hacker can steal valuable information from a website such as a client's information as well as the logins for a variety of crucial aspects of the company. Hackers can also power unfair competition where a hacker can bring down your website or your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking in a variety of ways. As a result, it is essential to protect your system from hackers.
Jack Miller, the leading expert from Semalt, elaborates on some of the ways which can keep you away from the attacks of these people:

Protection from unauthorized entry

One of the easiest things a hacker can do on your site is trying to log in as the admin. As a result, the hacker can try to guess different passwords to see which one of them might fall for your ignorance. Using secure passwords is essential. Passwords like 12345 are not safe and can expose the entire website to a hacker. Furthermore, you should not use a password that is too easy to guess. Words like the name of your child can be an absolute guess for a person with this knowledge. Instead, combine different characters with various form.

Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

This is a hack which requires the user end. This hack involves the use of some of the forms and text fields you use, like a subscription form. A hacker paces an embedment code on the user form containing a script. Upon hitting enter, the script begins running on your server. As a result, the hacker gains access to all of the customer data, including the keystrokes the customer hits anytime they are logging on your website. To correct this vulnerability, you need a way of encoding the information of your forms before feeding them to your database. As a result, the script cannot run on your database since there are already measures in place to make it not to run.


For every e-commerce business, cyber security is a primary concern when it comes to online working. There are many hack attempts and persons who may want to hack your website for very many websites. The security of your site, as well as the welfare of your clients, greatly depend on the works of you as the admin.

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Important Topics for JEE Advanced
Important Topics for JEE Advanced
JEE advanced is considered to as one of the most important exams for the students aspiring to become engineers. Only the top 2.2 lakh students are shortlisted from JEE mains score. The advanced exam is a prerequisite for admissions in all the IITs in the country and thus, it is extremely competitive.

Students need to properly prepare with all the important JEE topics and be confident to tackle any question in the exam. The JEE advanced 2018 is scheduled for 20th May and will be conducted in 2 slots. In this article, some of the important topics for JEE advanced are given that holds good weightage in the exam.

Important Physics Topics for JEE Advanced:
       Mechanics: Newton’s laws of motion, kinematics, friction
       Current electricity
       Wave and ray optics
       Heat and thermodynamics
       Simple Harmonic Motion      
       Rotational Dynamics  
       Semiconductors and Electronic Devices        

Important Chemistry Topics For JEE Advanced
       Chemical bonding and molecular structure
       Atomic Structure
       Periodic Table and Representative Elements
       Atomic structure
       General Organic Chemistry
       Carboxylic Acids and Derivatives
       Gaseous State

Important Maths Topics For JEE Advanced
       Continuity/ Limits
       Differential Calculus: differentiation, differentiability, application of derivatives
       Integral Calculus: integration, definite integration
       Quadratic equation
       Sequence and Series
       Coordinate Geometry

These were some of the important topics from which questions are frequented in the JEE advanced exam. It is suggested to be thorough with all these topics and practice several questions. It is also important to avoid neglecting other syllabus topics as those are also equally important.

The JEE is an extremely competitive exam and requires proper dedication and confidence to be able to score well. It is important to practice different sample papers and take several mock tests to improve speed and accuracy of the questions.

JEE aspirants can also subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel and learn various important JEE topics in an easy and effective way-

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Tricks to Remember Currency of Various Countries
How to Remember Various Countries Currency?
GK Tricks For Remember World Currency: See GK Tricks for Country Currency Also Shortcut Tricks World Currency as this page is dedicated to give you solution for Trick to Remember Currency of Various Countries for GK preparation in SSC IBPS SBI RRB, CSAT etc. Competitive Examinations includes GK preparation. Currency questions are asked in many competitive exams like what is the currency of .... Peso is the currency of ...... At this page, you can find some big currency and their countries. Also easy tricks to remember the currency & its countries is provided to quick remembering. Remembering these Tricks will help you memorize currencies quickly and get better marks in your exam. A applicant can score for these marks if he/ he prepares well. The complete detailed needed information of GK Tricks for Remember Country Currency is given here................
Details of Trick to Remember Currency of various Countries:
Here you will find currency used by various countries along with shortcuts to remember them.
Each Capital Letter denotes country name's first alphabet.
(1) Trick to Remember of Currency “RUPEE” 
Mind Tricks : PICS of MN
All these countries have their rupee currency. Also Indonesia have currency "Rupiah".

Visualize: Harbhajan Singh SPINS the ball in the Match and the batsman gets beaten.

2. Dollar: It is the currency of USA, Canada, Singapore, NewZealand, Ecuador, Hongkong, Australia, Taiwan, Trinidad & Tobago, Bahamas, Belize, Barbados, Brunei, Canada, Fiji, Namibia countries.

Trick to Remember Dollar Currency Countries: "U CAN See my NEw HAT That airs on BBC ForeNoon.

  • U: USA
  • CAN: Canada
  • S in See: Singapore
  • N in NEw: Newzealand
  • E in NEw: Ecuador
  • H in HAT: Hongkong
  • A in HAT: Australia
  • T in HAT: Taiwan
  • T in ThaTs: Tobago
  • 2nd T in ThaTs: Trinidad
  • B: Bahamas, Belize
  • B: Barbados, Brunei
  • C: Canada
  • F: Fiji
  • N: Namibia

Visulize: You ask your US friend "U Can See my NEw HAT ThaT airs on BBC ForeNoon".

3. Euro: It is the currency of Vaticancity, Cyprus, Germany, France, Finland, Portugal, Austria, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Malta, Solvania.
Trick to remember Euro Currency Countries: VC Goes For sPAIN.

  • V: Vaticancity
  • C: Cyprus
  • G: Germany, Greece
  • F: France, Finland
  • P: Portugal
  • A: Austria
  • I: Italy, Ireland
  • N: Netherlands
  • A: Andorra, Austria
  • B: Belgium
  • M: Malta
  • S: Solvania

Visualization: Visualize your university VC (vice-chancellor) Goes For sPAIN with euro currency and send A Big sMS.

4.Trick to Remember of Currency “POUND”
Mind Tricks : SESU (a name) plays in the Pond..
S-South Sudan
5. Dinar: It is the corrency of Bahrain, Iraq, Serbia, Kuwait, Tunisia, Sudan, Algeria, Jordan, Libya.
Trick to Remember Dinar Currency Countries: BISKuTS factory in JALandhar.

  • B in BISKuTS: Bahrain
  • I in BISKuTS: Iraq
  • S in BISKuTS: Serbia
  • K in BISKuTS: Kuwait
  • 2nd T in BISKuTS: Tunisia
  • 2nd S in BISKuTS: Sudan
  • J in JALandhar: Jordan
  • A in JALandhar: Algeria
  • L in JALandhar: Libya

Visualize: you goes to a BISKuTS factory in JALandhar that uses DINAR as currency.

6. Ruble: It is the corrency of Russia & Belarus.
Trick to Remember Ruble Currency Countries: RUBle
Ruble currency itself is easily rememberable as both countries names first letter is in the name ruble itself.

  • RU in RUBle: RUssia
  • B in RUBle: Belarus

Visualize: no need

7. Peso: It is the currency of Philippines, Uruguay, Mexico, Argentina, Dominician Republic. Chile, Colombia, Cuba countries.
Trick to Remember Peso Currency Countries: PUMA spreaDs its business to 3 Countries.

  • PUMA - Philippines, Uruguay, Mexico, Argentina
  • D in spreads: Dominician Republic
  • 3 C - Chile, Colombia, Cuba

Think: PUMA, the big brand spreaDing its business to 3 countries (Chile, Colombia, Cuba) in PESO countries

8. Rial: It is the currency of Iran, Cambodia, Yemen & Oman.
Trick to Remember Rial Currency Countries: shoot a vIdeo with Camera & upload to YOutube - rial.

  • I in vIdeo: Iran
  • C in Camera: Cambodia
  • YO in YOutube: Yemen, Omen

Visualization: think yourself shooting a vIdeo with your mobile Camera & uploading it to YOutube (rial).

9. Yen & Yuan Currencies

  • JapaN: yeN
  • ChiNA: yuAN.

10. North Korea & South Korea currency: Won
Trick to remember Currency: Korea Won the match.
How to solve Syllogism Problems Quickly Easily-Questions
How to solve Syllogism Problems Quickly?
Syllogism Problems Quick Solutions: This is common question of students how to solve syllogism problems quickly?
Answer: The Syllogism Questions in Reasoning are mostly asked in all the top competitive exams. In syllogism questions, a few statements with some conclusions are asked to judge the candidates ability of determining the right conclusion. Syllogism is a part of Reasoning and a science of thoughts. Syllogism is also referred to ‘Logic’. Since syllogism is an important part of reasoning, so a working knowledge of its rules is required for the candidate to remember. So in this page we have provided how to solve syllogism question very quickly, candidate can score for these marks if he/ she prepares well. The complete information of Syllogism Problems Solutions regarding their answers, types, shortcut, tricks and how to solve etc is given here.............
Details of Syllogism Types:
Take a look and go through carefully all the examples.
Categorical Syllogism
The categorical syllogism is what you see used above by our detective; we assume all premises are true:
premise A is true
premise B is true
conclusion must be true

Conditional Syllogism
The conditional syllogism uses an 'if' in the premises:
  • If Sohan always walks the dog on Saturday
  • And if today is Saturday
  • Sohan will walk his dog today!!

Disjunctive Syllogism

The disjunctive syllogism uses an either/or premise:
  • Either Shally is playing basketball or she is playing with her puppy
  • Shally is not playing basketball
  • Shally is playing with her puppy
Here is a syllogism statement.
All cats are dogs.
This type of statement is called universal affirmative statement. You can solve these question using venn diagrams. But most of the candidates find it difficult to solve syllogism questions using venn diagrams.
But don’t bother, here, I am providing you few tricks to solve these syllogism  questions. To solve these questions, you need to remember some rules.
All cats are dogs.
Now here ‘all’ is qualifier. Similarly if some or no is given, then some or no will be qualifiers.
‘Cat’ is subject- subject is the word of which something is said.
‘Dogs’ is predicate- predicate is a part of the preposition which is affirmed or denied about the subject.
‘are’ is cupola- cupola is the word which denotes the relationship between subject and predicate.
Here are the basic conversions that are needed to be remembered while solving syllogism questions.
For example, here is a statement:
All cats are dogs.
Now remember
‘All’ can be converted to ‘some’ only
So the conclusion that can be drawn from the above statement is that

Some dogs are cat.   
So here are three types of basic statements that are asked in exams
All dogs are cats.
Some dogs are cats.
No dogs are cats.
Conversions to remember on reversing the statement
For example-all dogs are cat-
On reversing  it-some cats are dogs.
So here is the conversions or conclusions  to remember while the statements are reversed and alone.
Table 1 to remember
{      ‘all’ can be converted to ‘some’
‘some can be converted to ‘some’ .
‘no’ can be converted to ‘no’.                }………………. Table 1
For example
Some dogs are cats
Can be converted to
‘Some cats are dogs’- this is the conclusion of ‘some dogs are cats’ statement.
No dogs are cats
Can be converted to
No cats are dogs.
But when two or more statements are given, which are mostly in all types of exams.
We also have to combine the statements and derive out the conclusions other than deriving out individual conclusions of the statements like the ones given above. For those questions, we have to remember the Table 2 given below…
Table 2 to remember
{      All +all= all
All +no= no
All + some= no conclusion
Some + all = some
Some + not=some not
Some + some=no conclusions
No + all=some not reversed
No + some=some not reversed
No + no=no conclusion
Some not+ anything= no conclusion
Some not reversed + anything= no conclusion  }                              ……………….Table 2
So here is an example.
All mangoes are chairs.
Some chairs are oranges.
I-                    All mangoes are oranges.
II-                  Some oranges are mangoes.
III-                No mango is an orange.
We have to combine the first part (Qualifiers) i.e. “all, some, no”  of every statement to derive out some conclusions. Also we have to cancel ‘chairs’ from both sides.
Remember we have to arrange the statements such that we can cancel predicate from the first statement and subject from the second statement. So the predicate from the first statement and subject from the second statement should be same name. mostly it is given in the question but if it is not so, then we should try to reverse the statement as discussed above.
So the statements should be like the one given above:
1.       All mangoes are chairs.
2.       Some chairs are oranges.
Here in the above statement ‘chair’ is predicate in the first statement and subject in the second statement. So we can cancel it and combine the qualifiers of the above statements.
i.e. combining all + some. The answer will be no conclusion. Because all and some, when combined gives no conclusion. This addition is given in the table 2.
Also by converting the statements individually as per the table 1 i.e. on reversing the statements
We get the following conclusions
{    All chairs are mangoes.(because all can be converted to some)
Some oranges are chairs.(because some can be converted to some)       }
So the above conclusions does not match the conclusions given in the question above.
Hence no conclusion is the answer of the question.
Now we will discuss another example
{    Statements
All homes are schools.
All schools are colleges
All homes are colleges.
Some homes are not colleges.               }
Solution:  cancelling ‘schools’ from both the statements as discussed above, we combine all and all (Qualifiers) of both statements as per Table 2.
All + all = all
So after cancelling ‘school’ and joining all and all, we get the below statement.
‘All homes are colleges’
So Conclusion I is true.
Also by reversing both the statements as per table 1, we get the below conclusions.
( upon reversing statement 1, we get the conclusion- some schools are homes.
upon reversing statement 2, we get the conclusion - All colleges are schools  )
so none of these conclusions follows the conclusions given in the question’s conclusions.
So only conclusion 1 follows.------------answer
Question 3.
Statements: All the harmoniums are instruments. All the instruments are flutes.
  1. All the flutes are instruments.
  2. All the harmoniums are flutes.
A. Only (1) conclusion follows
B. Only (2) conclusion follows
C. Either (1) or (2) follows
D. Neither (1) nor (2) follows
E. Both (1) and (2) follow
Answer: Option B
Question-4. Special cases
I.                    All vegetables are green.
II.                  Some greens are fruits.
I.                    Some fruits are vegetables.
II.                  No fruits is vegetable.
                Now in this question, cancelling green from both given statements, and adding both statements.
All+ some = no conclusion                        ………as per Table 2.
Now reversing the statements or converting the table as per Table 1 given above.
None of the conclusions given in the question can match upon reversing as per Table 1 because the conclusions are given as the normal combination of both the statements.
So what should be done.
Now here is the idea.
Combine both statements and cancel the predicate( green ), we get the conclusion
All+ some= no conclusion=  some and no should be applied to the question.
All+ some= no conclusion= (all + some= no conclusion= ‘some’ and ‘no’) fruits is/are vegetable(s)----no conclusion should be converted as the combination of the statements and with application of some and no to the conclusion.
So the conclusion should be
Some fruits are vegetables
No fruits are vegetables
After the application of ‘some’ and ‘no’ to the statements addition, the answer is
Either ‘some fruits are vegetable’ follows
Or ‘No fruits is a vegetable’ follows
So in those questions, in which ‘no conclusion’ comes as a combination of the statements, try to apply ‘some’ and ‘no’ to the statements and find the conclusions in the given question whether they match.
So in the above question 3 of special case- The answer should be-
Either conclusion I follows or conclusion II follows.